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IW Garrison Rules and Guidelines  


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Date: September 2017

The IW Garrison is a costuming club run by its members for its members. These rules and guidelines are there to protect the club and its members.
In order to become a full member of the IW Garrison you must own a costume that meets basic 501st clearance requirements and to remain an active member you must attend at least one troop/event each year.
You cannot apply to become a member (or Associate member) of the IW Garrison if you have an unspent criminal conviction that involves any of the following:
• Requirement to register on the Registered Sex Offenders database.
• Conviction for ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) or above.
• Convicted of any offence for Class B drugs possession with intent to supply or cultivation.
• Convicted of ANY Class A drugs offence.
• Convicted of ANY offence relating to theft.
If you have a query ref this please email the commanding officer.
By joining the IW Garrison, you are agreeing to abide by the rules set out in this document. Please read them carefully. These rules and guidelines are subject to change, as such, we ask that you review them regularly to keep up to date with any changes.
For IW Garrison Star Wars Imperial costumers who are therefore by default also members of the 501st Legion, the IW Garrison Rules and Guidelines must be adhered to in conjunction with the 501st Legion Charter and the 501st Operations Protocol.


General and forum rules
There will be NO excessive use of profanity.
Written communication can be misinterpreted. Be mindful that your comments on the forum may be “taken the wrong way” or simply misunderstood. Please word your statement carefully and read it through before you post it to the forum. Note: The use of emoticons can help make clear the tone of your post.
Flaming, baiting, spamming or trolling is strictly prohibited on this forum. Any evidence of this will result in the post being removed and action may be taken against the poster.
NO racial, ethnic, gender based insults will be tolerated.
Ensure you post your comments in the appropriate section of the forum. Any posts that are in the wrong forum section will be moved to the correct section.
The content of personal mail/private messages is confidential and for the intended recipients only. DO NOT publish this in a public forum unless permission of all involved is granted.
Users may not argue a moderators decision publicly. Any and all complaints directed at a moderator must first address the moderator in question via PM. If the problem can not be resolved, then the moderator and user must send their positions to the forum admin. The forum admin will make or change any and/or all final decisions.
Pornography or indecent images of any sort will not be tolerated.
If you believe the content of a private message or email, sent via this forum, may breach any rules, causes personal offence or you believe it warrants further investigation please bring it to the attention of the CoG.
Members who make comments on other websites (including social networking sites / mini blogging sites etc.) which may be considered derogatory to the IW Garrison or its members may be subject to disciplinary action and/or refused access to the forum.
Any impersonation of a user from these forums, in any mode of communication, is strictly prohibited and will result in a banning.
You may have one username on the board at any one time. If you wish to change your name, you can do so through the Change Display Name option in your user control panel. We reserve the right to merge or delete multiple accounts.


– Before a costume can be worn at a IW Garrison official event, it must be cleared by the appropriate GML
Before a costume is submitted for clearance, pictures of the costumer making the costume (if applicable) and wearing the completed costume should be posted in a Work In Progress (WIP) thread in the relevant sub-section of the Armoury section of the forum. An Armourer will check that the finished costume is ready for clearance.
Costumes are usually cleared within 7 days.
Once you have been cleared to wear a costume at IW Garrison official events, you will be able to sign up to your induction event (also known as an induction troop).
Your clearance is for you in the costume that you detailed in your clearance submission not anyone else in your costume.
Costumes are not to be shared between members.
Any alterations or additions that change the overall look of your cleared costume need to be cleared by the GML
When selling a costume that has previously been cleared, any decal applied must be removed before the costume is sold.
Once a member has been cleared, their first troop must be an “Induction” event/troop. An induction event/troop is an event where a member of staff is present and will have time to conduct new member inductions. Induction events are the only events that New Recruits (NRs) are permitted to sign up for.
Please note that in order to cover everything that is required for an induction troop, the Troop must allow sufficient time to allow the NR to Crew/Spot and costume for a reasonable amount of time.

Before attending an event:
Make a note of the event description, its requirements and any special instructions for the day, which will be detailed in the event sign-up thread.
Please ensure that you are reasonably certain you can attend the event before you sign up for it. We always need to confirm attendance numbers in advance of an event with the host organiser.
Members are required to sign up for an event via the forum, this is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Do not ask someone else to sign up for you if you are unable to do so yourself.
When in costume at an event, you should endeavour to stay in the character appropriate to the costume that you are wearing. Please try to uphold this at all times whilst in public in order to maintain the illusion. Please do not use your mobile phone, go shopping, eat lunch or the like whilst in costume and don’t carry bags with your shopping in. Remember to BE the character, not just someone dressed up as the character. Try to include the public in the act. You are in character, so interact with the public AS that character.
When in costume, you should stay in full costume whilst in the public eye. This means not removing your helmet, other armour parts or any other parts of your costume that would not be in character, or true to the movies. Exceptions to this are:
• When instructed by the police or similar
• In the event of an emergency
• Where staying in costume is a health and safety risk to yourself or a third party
Crew should wear IW Garrison approved clothing/apparel. This helps the public and the event organisers know who you are. Please note that when dressed in IW Garrison apparel you are representing the IW Garrison. Our name is on your clothes, so your actions will reflect on us. Please maintain a professional attitude and demeanour at all times.
Do not bring any real world weapons to an event. This includes deactivated firearms, crossbows, knifes, swords etc. Toy guns that have been re-worked to look more realistic are currently not against the law, but we must be careful and sensitive about this.
An IW Garrison event is defined as an event prearranged by the IW Garrison Events Team. These events will be subject to all IW Garrison rules and protocol and are covered by the IW Garrison’s Public Liability Insurance.
You own the costume so if you decide to wear it at a non IW Garrison event then please cover your decal and be aware you are not covered by our insurance.


Children at events
The IW Garrison requires a person to be at least eighteen (18) years old in order to join and participate as a member.
Children are allowed at some events, but please check with the event organiser as they may be excluded from changing/behind scenes areas. Children must be the responsibility of a non costuming member.

Maintaining active membership
All members are expected to own a costume that has been cleared to troop and attend a troop/event in costume at least once a year.
Any member that does not troop once within each 12 month period will be dropped to a non-cleared member and there costume will need to be re-cleared before they can sign up to events again.
Any member who has not attended a troop for a period of more than 2 years will be deemed inactive and all their costumes will be retired.

Associate Members
An Associate member is defined as a nominated person attached to a cleared member’s account and is allowed to attend events as an official spotter subject to successful completion of an induction.

The nominating member must be a fully-cleared costuming member who has attended at least 5 troops of which at least 2 troops must have been charity/community events.
Only the partner of a cleared member can apply for Associate membership, this is not open to extended family or friends.
The proposed Associate member will be required to have their own independent account on the IW Garrison Forum.
Command Staff reserve the right to revoke the Associate membership at any time.
Associate members will respect and abide by all IW Garrison rules and guidelines whilst representing the club.
Individuals who wish to apply for Associate membership should contact the CO.

Complaints and Disciplinary procedure
All complaints should ideally be received in writing so there is a record for all parties.
If you have a concern or complaint about another member (including a member of staff or Associate member), you should bring it to the attention of the CO, XO or CoG.
After this stage the person to whom you raised the complaint will advise you of the escalation procedure, which for 501st issues will ultimately be the LCoG.
All complaints will be dealt with confidentially and within the 501st rules.
The level of any disciplinary action to be taken will be determined on a case-by-case basis. This may range from a short suspension from the forum, to exclusion from the IW Garrison (and the 501st if applicable)

Safeguarding Policy
The IW Garrison has implemented a Safeguarding Policy managed and overseen by the command staff
The Safeguarding Policy describes what you can expect and what is expected of you when it comes to safeguarding all during your time with the IW Garrison. Please ensure you read and understand this policy.

Product Endorsement
At the request of LFL/Disney, costumers should endeavour to not be seen to be endorsing a commercial product or company in public. This includes, but is not limited to, holding, pointing, wearing, sitting or standing on any branded item or logo. This also includes LFL/Disney licensed products without the express permission of LFL/Disney. Endorsing charities is permitted. Members in official IW Garrison clothing at an event also need to be mindful of this directive.


Public Liability Insurance
The IW Garrison holds Public Liability Insurance for its members to the value of £2,000,000. This insurance is in places to cover the attendance of the IW Garrison at IW Garrison sanctioned events. This also covers our props. A copy of the insurance can be found on the website or obtained by contacting the CO.

The IW Garrison reserve the right to amend and update these rules at any time. In such instances, where possible, due notice will be given. In all cases an announcement will be posted to alert members to the update.
It is the member’s responsibility to keep abreast of the rules and to familiarise themselves with the new or amended rules.
These rules are a condition of your Membership with the caveat that they will not infringe upon your human rights.

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