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Trooper Visiting Lo...

Trooper Visiting London  


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07/03/2019 4:44 pm  

Hi brothers and sisters!

My name is Ryan TK-9433. My wife (Christina) are visiting London on the 15th-18th of March (yes, next weekend as I type this). 

It was a last minute trip schedule. So I wanted to see if anyone in the London Area would like to meet for drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe on either the 16th or 17th of March.

Feel free to add me on Facebook if you think that would make communicating easier. Just search for Ryan Ihnken (I know, I’m sneaky…)

So a little bit about my wife and I. I am from the US, Christina is from Vienna Austria. We are living in Belgium right now because of my job (don’t ask… I can’t tell you). We have been in Belgium for 8 months. I’m a member of the Belgium Garrison Northern Territory, Tornacum Squad. I have also been a member of the Central Garrison, Imperial 80th Squad, and the Mountain Garrison, Pikes Peak squad, so I’ve gotten around quite a bit.  I love beer, Christina loves food. Especially seafood. 

So if any Legion brothers and sisters would like to get together and say hi, we would love to meet some of you in London.  Again, feel free to send me a message on Facebook, and say hi and add me. 

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07/03/2019 4:51 pm  

Hi Ryan an welcome 🙂 . good to see you are visiting the UK. Wow you have a great selection of clubs there from moving about. We are all based on the Isle of Wight which is an island just below the bottom of England (Southampton). I dont think any of us will be over that way as we are a very small club that has recently split from the UKG to form out own Garrison. We have many friends over there and it would be good if you popped this message on their forum. They have quite a few troopers that are London based.

I will send you a link.

Wish you well on your travels 🙂 


cheers Ross.



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07/03/2019 4:57 pm  

Thanks for the information Ross! I appreciate the help! 

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