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The blind honourary...

The blind honourary member has arrived  


Jar Jar Binks Newbie
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25/10/2018 6:56 pm  

Hi all,

I am an honourary member of the IW Garrison with a difference, as seen in the title: I am a blind person.

To prove this is not a trick, and actually as a matter of curiosity to be honest, I would actually like one of the admins such as Ross to explain why I was picked, and what has happened and what costume they got for me.

Sith Minion GML
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25/10/2018 7:06 pm  

Hi Aaron and welcome. We have met Aaron at various events over the years but last years Island con made a big impact on us. Aaron had such a great experience feeling all the different costumes and props on the weekend.  It was so nice that he can paint the picture in his head of the elements that make up these props and costumes. We decided that we should make him an X-wing costume and invite him along as an honorary member of the IWG. We presented him with the costume a week before the con and gave him his Certificate this Sunday after he picked the prize draw for us at the event 🙂 . Geoff from the Rebel Legion said he is in talks with his CO Mark with regards to making Aaron a honorary of their club also 🙂 

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Sith Minion XO
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25/10/2018 7:13 pm  

Yay! Welcome to the mad house Aaron. Looking forward to trooping with you soon 

Katie xxx

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Sean Kelly
Youngling IWG member
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25/10/2018 7:15 pm  

Hey Aaron and welcome!  Can’t wait to see you again 🙂 

Tegan Talulah
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25/10/2018 7:16 pm  

Hello Aaron! Welcome! Looking forward to you being more involved with the IWG. 🙂 See you soon!

– Tegan

Les Elsmore
Grand Jedi Master IWG member
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25/10/2018 7:29 pm  

Hi Aaron


Welcome to our 1st honorary member.

Everytime we meet you, you allow us to enter your world of wonder. To be a part of and experience our costumes in new and unique ways really is a pleasure.

I look forward to trooping with you in the near future.


Happy days.

L. Elsmore

Grand Jedi Master Admin
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25/10/2018 8:53 pm  

Aaaaaaarggggggghhhh awaaarrrrrgh aaaaarrrrrr uhhhh

Grand Jedi Master Galatic Academy CO
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25/10/2018 9:32 pm  

Hi Aaron and welcome.


I always enjoy meeting you at our events. It gives me huge amounts of pleasure talking to you. Always happy and always willing to give everyone your time. It’s only fitting that you should be an honorary member of the garrison.


I look forward to trooping with you in the future  ( Rebel scum ) ha ha ha

Tk10794   |-o-|



Jedi Master Armourer
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25/10/2018 9:56 pm  

We have been expecting you young Jedi. I look forward to more encounters with you ,I shall enjoy completing your training…..

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Sam "Dr Jones"
Jedi Knight Armourer
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26/10/2018 8:36 am  

Welcome, Aaron!


So happy for you to be joining the garrison, it’s always a pleasure seeing you and finding out all the new characters you’ve interacted with! I look forward to seeing you more in the future and you certainly deserve to be an honorary member!


May the force be with you



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Colin Richardson
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26/10/2018 8:37 pm  

Hi Aaron, A Big welcome to you.

I’m Colin, I do a couple of different costumes, Biker Scout, Stormtrooper and Zombie Stormtrooper. We have met at several events, Hulabaloo in Sandown in the summer and I was the first Zombie you me at Comic con last weekend. I’m quite a quite person, especially when in my zombie. It’s always a pleasure to see you at events, looking forward to see you again soon. 

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Grand Jedi Master Treasury team
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27/10/2018 12:55 pm  

Hello Aaron and welcome to the IW Garrison.  I’ve met you at lots of events and it was great to see you wearing your XWing costume on Sunday.  Hope you enjoyed IslandCon as much as we did!

Jedi Padawan Safeguarding officer
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28/10/2018 9:51 am  

Hi Aaron.

Look forward to trooping with you.

Congratulations with everything. 




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