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08/10/2017 9:23 am  

welcome to the IWG Reel Icons costume armoury. This is for costumes that aren’t 501st or Rebel legion (Star Wars). 

The same high standards will apply so all costumes will be as screen accurate as possible. 

If there’s a costume you want to make then start a post, the costume will then be assessed by our Reel Icons team to make sure it’s suitable to be part of Reel icons. Once approved then start work in progress WIP  and an armourer will be along to help and guide you through to clearance. 

Good luck 🍀


Your Reel armoury team consists of 

Katie – HRHKatiejane


Steph – Stephkitty

Please do not hesitate in getting in contact with any questions you may have 

Never lose your dinosaur

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