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[Sticky] Rebel Costume Clearance Procedure  


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Hi I am YT, as well as being a 501st member I am also a member of our sister group the Rebel Legion (RL).

Like the IWG is part of the 501st, RLUK – Elstree Base is part of RL worldwide, throughout this topic where I mention RL I am referencing the worldwide Rebel Legion and where I mention RLUK I am referencing to Rebel Legion UK – Elstree Base.

I have been made an Events Coordinator for the RL for the Isle of Wight Area, so we can both regulate our own RL troops and give the opportunity for the RL members from mainland UK and the rest of the Globe to officially attend our troops.

As a group the IWG is always encouraging as many 501st members who have rebel (or non-affiliated i.e. Tusken, Jawa etc) costumes to get signed up and RL cleared.

There are a few reasons for this topic;

1. A guide on how to navigate to and signup to both RLUK and RL Forums.

2. A link to RL Costume standards.

3. A guide for cleared 501st members on how on how to submit their existing costume for clearance on the RL Forums.

4. A guide for new members on how on how to create a WIP (work in progress) on the RLUK forum before they submit their new costume for clearance on the RL Forums.


1. This guide will help you to navigate to and signup to both forums, I would recommend this to any member just to see what our fellow Star Wars costume buddies over in the RL get up to.

If you head over to the RLUK – and click on register, have a quick read through the terms and once agreed fill in your username – obviously you can chose whatever name you want (as long as it hasn’t been chosen already) but I personally like to use the same (or very similar) name across all forums, especially Star Wars costume related ones (think garrison/legion/detachment forums etc) as this makes it easier for people to identify you on these different forums. If you are already a cleared 501st or Mando Merc costumer please enter your details in the boxes provided (I believe this gives you access to more of the forum even before your RL is cleared). Once you have submitted your registration you have to wait for approval – this is not always an instant process but then again don’t forget to check your junk folder for your email.

Navigate your way over to the RL Forums – and the process is the same as above up until the section on entering your own details, where the RL forum has a few more boxes to fill in. Similarly don’t forget to check you junk email folder for your activation.


2. Here is the link to RL Costume standards – these are similar to what you may know in the 501st as CRL’s, from here you can check if your current costume can be RL cleared or just browse for inspiration for your next costume maybe?


3. Now this is a guide for cleared 501st members on how on how to submit their existing costume for clearance on the RL Forums, you do not have to submit a WIP on the RLUK forum so once signed up (if you haven’t yet then please see 1. above), you can use the images that you submitted for your 501st clearance, but please be mindful that if these were a long time ago then there may have been some changes to costume standards since. Once you are happy you have the right photos then head on over to and make sure you are logged in then click on the “register a costume and upgrade to rebel Legion  membership” link and on next page follow the “add a costume” link, fill in the form and follow the instructions. Although it has some helpful tips on what images are needed it DOES NOT have image hosting so you will need to use a third party hosting site for this and provide links to your images, if you do not know how to do this please contact me via PM.


4. Lastly this is a guide for new members on how on how to create a WIP (work in progress) on the RLUK forum, whether you have a complete costume or are just starting the process of collecting/making parts, here you can get guidance from existing RL members on any changes your costume may need or where to find any those missing parts. Navigate through the forum to Costume Section and Detachments from here find your way to the correct sub-forum for your chosen character/costume (i.e. for Chewie head to the “Fringe” section). Click on the “NEW TOPIC” button and enter a title for your WIP – typically include your name and character name (you can also add extra details like which film or scene your character is in, ie. ANH Chewie or ESB Han Solo Hoth), type a description of your costume, where you are at with it, proposed changes or schedule of work then add images if you want using the “attachment” tab below the “submit” button, hit the “add files” button, select image(s) to upload, wait for status to change to a tick then finally click the “place inline” button. After you have added all of your images then hit the “submit” button.

Some costumes are more popular (as in more people have them) than others costumes, so these tend to have more costumers with experience/knowledge to help you out – others may generate fewer constructive comments, do not see this as a negative – it might simply mean other members don’t have enough experience to help you out. If you require more help head over to the RL forum and start a WIP on there – you can copy and paste info from your RLUK WIP or just a link to it.

Once your WIP has either been approved on either the RLUK or RL forum then it is time to submit your costume for clearance over on the RL Forums, please see 3. above.


Any questions or problems (i.e. dead links), please contact me direct or reply to this post.


Cheers YT


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